Do Accountants Do Bookkeeping

The field of accounting is often denigrated for being dry or boring, but you should know that it is actually a very interesting field that forms the foundation of the manner in which business is conducted in the modern era. There is a pretty good chance that your business would not have a leg to stand on if you don’t have someone that can manage your books, but is it necessary to hire an accountant for this or can you just make do with a standard bookkeeper?

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Well, one way to look at this is that Naperville accountants can definitely manage your books, but on the other hand bookkeepers are not allowed to call themselves accountants. This is because of the fact that accounting is far more rigorous than just putting numbers into a spreadsheet, although the truth of the situation is that bookkeepers can become accountants if they pass certain exams and get qualified. A bookkeeper can be seen as some kind of a junior accountant who can punch and crunch numbers but can’t make any big decisions based on the data that they are collecting, nor will they be allowed to monitor this data in the first place.

The main thing that contributes to bookkeepers being around is that they are quite cheap. The fact of the matter is that they don’t ask for a lot of money for a job that is so simple, but we would recommend that you not use such a short sighted approach for running your business. Spending a little extra on an accountant can help you to avoid financial mishaps that a simple bookkeeper might not be capable of predicting or even recognizing.