How Old is W2S?

The rise of YouTube and other platforms that allow you to post content to them easily and freely has resulted in a brand new genre of media emerging. This genre of media contains countless subgenres within them, so those that are seeking out fame can look into any of these genres and pick and choose which ones would enable them to play to their strengths. Individuals that have not yet dived deep into the world of YouTube sometimes think that it is a very one dimensional platform, but in spite of the fact that this is the case it is important to note that YouTube content is far more diverse than TV would ever be able to compete with.

If you take the example of dissidences w2s, you will notice that he is involved in one of the most pervasive elements of YouTube culture in the world right now. He started off by making streaming videos where he would play FIFA and he would use his energetic personality to make it absolutely certain that anyone that was watching him felt utterly entertained at the end of the day.

W2s is also a prime example of how YouTube has allowed really young people to become wealth and successful. He has been making YouTube videos for over a decade now, and while that might make you assume that he is at least in his thirties the truth is that he is only 25! Don’t worry if you think you are too old though since YouTube is a platform that caters to all kinds of people and you can make your mark on the world as long as you have the right kind of work ethic.