How to Create an NFT

NFTs have become a hot topic in the last year. Many artists, celebrities and public figures have shown their interest in this market, and are already investing lots of money into it.

how to create nfts

Buying NFT is as easy as buying any other cryptocurrency. All you need to do is create an account with a popular exchange which supports NFTs as well. However, creating your own NFT can prove to be a tricky process.

Let’s take a look at some simple steps on how you can create your first NFT and start crypto investing.

Learn More About NFTs

Before you tap into the NFT market and start creating your own NFTs to sell later on, you must understand more about the basics of these non fungible tokens.

Learning about NFTs will help you greatly in creating a valuable token and selling it for a reasonable price.

Reconsider Your Decision

If you want to create NFTs to sell them, you should probably reconsider your decision. That is because there are lots of transaction fees involved. This is because of the fact that NFTs are traded on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is infamous for its high network fees.

The funds generated from fees or “gas” are paid to miners as a reward for keeping the system going.

Choose a Good Platform

There are lots of free and paid platforms which can help you create NFTs. However, since it’s your first try, you should only use free platforms like Solsea or AtomicHub.

So, choose a suitable platform and sign up with it.

Create a Wallet

Once you’re ready to create an NFT and transfer it before selling, you should create a digital wallet address and connect it to the platform you have chosen in the previous step.

Create And Start Selling NFTs! After all these steps, you will be all set to start creating and selling NFTs on the blockchain.