How to Lube a Nib Bolt

Any bolts and fastenings that you would try to incorporate into your projects would need to be secured from various processes that can end up damaging them at the end of the day. There are two main focuses that you should concern yourself with in this regard, with the first of these being corrosion since that is something that can dramatically decrease the overall structural integrity of any given product that has been constructed with metal and no other pollutants mixed in.

guard rail bolt

In spite of the fact that this is the case, it is important to note that the second factor might be even more important for you to keep in mind due to the reason that it can cause a lot more damage than you would initially be expecting. This factor is friction, and most guard rail bolts manufacturer will warn you about the dangers of not taking care of it by putting various contingencies into place. One thing that you can do to reduce the impact of friction is to lube your nib bolts, and in case you are somewhat unaware of how this process can be initiated all you need to remember is that oil is your lubricant of choice.

Adding a couple of drops of oil to your nib bolts can leave them almost entirely safe from friction since the oil would allow the bolts to move around more smoothly. Metal scraping against metal will invariably cause a lot of damage, and oil can go a long way towards reducing the likelihood of such a thing occurring at all. It is a widely available lubricant and you don’t need a lot to get the job done.