What Material Are Business Cards Made Of?

Business cards have changed these days, with various technological elements like NFCs being added to them as well as the materials with which they are manufactured being altered and perfected so that a global standard can be discovered. If your main goal here is to create the best possible business card, there is a pretty good chance that your first consideration would have to do with the material that your card will be made from, and suffice it to say that this is a pretty easy enough thing to figure out.

The truth of the situation is that Metal Kards are starting to become a lot more popular these days. This is because of the fact that they seem more modern and downright futuristic than the older cards, but you might still be somewhat interested in what these older cards had been made out of as well. The fact of the matter is that older cards were printed on fourteen or sixteen point card stock, and this is a pretty decent material because it has a fair amount of structural integrity and it can also be surprisingly durable unless you spray some water on it.

Metal is still becoming more valuable when it comes to business cards though, so you might want to avoid paper in favor of this material. It might be a little bit more expensive, but not so much that it would ruin your entire budget. You can try out a small batch to see if they are worth it for you, and chances are that when you do this you would never want to go back to regular business cards even again in the future.