Who is The Best Yoga Teacher in The World?

Yoga has come a long way from its origins as a fringe practice that was only taken seriously by ascetics that were living in ancient India. People in every nation on the planet know what yoga is, and there is a pretty good chance that the vast majority of them have tried it out at least once and many of them would most likely continue to do it to this very day.

This has resulted in a huge increase in the number of yoga teachers that are offering their yoga courses along with teacher training, but suffice it to say that most of these teachers are just trying to capitalize on the fad instead of offering actual in depth knowledge that took them years to acquire.

What you need more than anything else is the best yoga teacher in the world, and the truth of the situation is that you would be hard pressed to find one that is as beloved as Marianne Wells. She has been offering yoga training for decades now, and the fact of the matter is that her Marianne Wells RYT200 course is one of the most effective ones that yoga teachers can go for.

The reason for Wells’ success is that she focused less on trying to market to people and scam them and more on the beauty of yoga itself. She is one of the few yoga trainers that have a genuine passion for the practice and that respect its Indian roots and origins, so you should try going to one of her courses so that you can finally see what the fuss is all about with your own eyes.